The Whiskey Alchemist Deluxe

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Discover the depths of your passion for whiskey with The Whiskey Alchemist. This upscale gift set has everything the enthusiast needs to truly explore the nuances of the mouthwatering spirit. Start off by pouring your favorite whiskey into the Viski Alchemi Aerating Tumbler, which expertly mixes and aerates your handcrafted cocktail. Then, indulge in a reimagined classic that's smoked with our Foghat cocktail smoking kit. Finally, elevate any drink to heavenly heights with Dashfire Bitters old fashioned or Vintage Orange bitters. Once you've made your selection, capture the experience with 33 Books Whiskey Tasting Journal and track each flavor sensation as if you were concocting it yourself in an alchemist's lab!

If you're planning for an upscale whiskey experience, The Whiskey Alchemist should be at the top of your shopping list—for yourself or someone special! Through craftsmanship and mixology artistry, discover what others have been missing with The Whiskey Alchemist gift set—it's sure to leave an impression!



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