The Whiskey Alchemist

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Raise a glass to sophistication with The Whiskey Alchemist, a curated collection designed to elevate your sipping experience from routine to ritual. No need for bubbling cauldrons and cryptic incantations – just high-quality tools and a touch of artisanal magic.

This box unleashes your inner mixologist:

What's in the Box:

Viski's Alchemi Aerating Glass:

This isn't your average tumbler. This innovative glassware uses science (yes, science!) to infuse your whiskey with oxygen, releasing a symphony of aromas and intensifying the flavor profile. Watch your ordinary dram transform into a kaleidoscope of taste before your very eyes.

Dashfire Old Fashioned Bitters: 

Whether you're muddling an orange or just adding bitters to your whiskey, this cold weather bitter will round out your cocktail. This bitter honors the traditional Old Fashioned and its many spirited versions.

Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters:

Infuse your whiskey with a touch of Kentucky charm. These bitters, bursting with juicy cherries and a hint of spice, are the perfect partner for the adventurous palate. Explore bold flavor combinations and discover unexpected delights – like a bourbon cherry bomb, but without the fire hazard.

33 Books Whiskey Tasting Journal:

Document your whiskey journey. This elegant journal isn't just for scribbling notes, it's a chronicle of your evolving whiskey expertise. From smoky Islay to floral Kentucky, map your path to connoisseur-ship, one dram at a time. Think Ernest Hemingway meets sommelier with a serious pen game.

The Whiskey Alchemist is more than just a gift, it's an invitation to explore. It's a gateway to unlocking the hidden depths of flavor, a catalyst for crafting your own liquid legends, and a testament to the magic that happens when science and spirit collide.

Give the gift of refined exploration. Give the gift of The Whiskey Alchemist.

Whiskey Tasting Pro Tips:

  • Include a few high-quality dark chocolate squares or gourmet nuts as pairings for the different bitters.
  • Add a bottle of artisanal water for palate cleansing between sips.
  • Tuck in a handwritten note with pairing suggestions and tasting tips, like a secret map to flavor nirvana.