Cocktail Smoker Top - Smoke Stack Kit

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The Crafty Cocktail has created this one of a kind 2 piece Cocktail Smoke Stack! This includes everything you or a friend need to start smoking your first cocktail. Take your smoked drinks to the next level and wow your friends with this ultimate Cocktail Smoking Kit! 

This kit includes

1 - Oak cocktail smoke stack
1- Screen
1 - 12oz rocks glass
1 - 3oz Barrel Aged Powder
1 - Canvas Carrying Case
1 - Butane torch * (butane not included)


How to use the cocktail smoke stack?

- Make your cocktail in the rocks glass
- Place the cocktail smoke stack on top of your glass
- Fill the chimney stack with a pinch of infusing powder
Place the torch about 6" away from the chimney stack and slowly lower it, forcing the smoke down into the glass
- Let sit for 20-30s (depending on desired amount of smoke)
- Remove topper and enjoy!

Please allow 8-12 days for delivery

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