Cocktail Smoker Kit Smoke Stack Gift Box

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The Crafty Cocktail has created this one of a kind 2 piece Cocktail Smoke Stack! This includes everything you or a friend need to start smoking your first cocktail. Take your smoked drinks to the next level and wow your friends with this ultimate Cocktail Smoking Gift Pack! 

This gift box includes

1 - Oak cocktail smoke stack
1- Screen 
1 - Luxury Butane Torch * (butane not included)
1 - 3oz Barrel Aged Powder
1 - 3oz Cherry Powder
1 - 3oz Hickory Powder
All packaged in a high quality gift box (Glass not included)


• With our patent pending 2 piece design you can easily clean out your smoke stack and replace pieces as needed! Simply insert a pencil or small device up from the bottom of the stack and pop out the included screen. Clean with warm water and a brush and insert back into the stack from the top. You can purchase replacement screens in our shop.

• Unlike other smoking devices, our smoke stacks are handcrafted from American oak and have been specifically designed to fit on any cocktail glass. The wide bottom allows it to rest on any size rocks glass, the inset hole on the bottom fits perfectly on a glencarin glass and the tapered edge allows it to be used on a martini glass! We truly have thought of it all.

• With our patent pending 2 piece design, the smoke stack is designed in 2 pieces so that you can easily take it apart for cleaning or to replace parts after extended uses! That means the Smoke Stack will never need replaced!

• We stand behind our all products and will make sure you absolutely love it. We use no toxic metals or finishes on our smoke stacks and are glad to offer the only kit with a high end custom torch. 

• Each cocktail stack measures approximately 4.5"x4.5"x2"
• Butane not included (you can pick it up at a local hardware store or on amazon)
• Each item is handmade so there may be slight variances in color and shape. We will do our best to make sure every piece retains the same overall look and high quality that is expected.

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