The Tastemaker

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For the person who appreciates a good spirit - and pairs it with even better flavor - The Tastemaker is sure to be music to their ears. Featuring a Viski Alchemi Aerating Tumbler, fans of fine whiskey will be able to make each pour delicate, velvety, and smooth. And what’s more delicious than spicy sweet concoctions? With a bottle of Proof Maple Bacon Old Fashioned Syrup at hand, spice things up by adding rich maple and smokey bacon aromas while upping the flavor profile of your favorite whiskey or cocktail.

Things get even tastier with a jar of TBJ Gourmet Maple Bacon Jam. Spread it on toast or crackers - or get creative in the kitchen! This unique sweet-yet-smoky blend is sure to delight the palate and add some serious flair to any dish. But we can all agree: nothing tops puttering off an exquisite meal than something sweet. That’s why this set also includes Shotwell Maple Bourbon Pecan Caramels; so chase that smoky-sweet flavor subway with some delightful pecan-laced caramel chewiness for a real knockout punch!

Finish your indulgent experience off right with a 33 Books Whiskey Tasting Journal. For anyone in pursuit of the perfect drink, the journey starts here - use notes from tasting different whiskeys and spirits to refine your crafty palate. Whether you’re out looking for something specific or just out for fun, The Tastemaker ensures you’ll never go thirsty again!