The Royal Roast

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Unleash the Strength of the Black Panther with Royal Roast gift set from A Gentleman's Trove. The Royal Roast is the perfect gift for any Black Panther fan or coffee aficionado. It combines luxury, functionality, and a touch of fandom into one unforgettable package. 

What's in the Box

  • Fidalgo Whole Bean Coffee: Ignite your mornings with the rich and bold flavors of Fidalgo whole bean coffee. This premium coffee is freshly roasted and packed to ensure peak flavor and aroma. Grind it yourself for the ultimate control over your cup, creating a bespoke coffee experience fit for royalty, every single time.
  • Black Panther Corkcicle Mug: Keep your drinks icy cold, or steaming hot for hours with this sleek and stylish Black Panther-themed Corkcicle mug. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it's the perfect companion for savoring your coffee on the go or at your throne (aka your desk).
  • Theory11 Black Panther Playing Cards: Take a break from ruling the kingdom with a captivating game of cards. This deck features stunning artwork inspired by the Black Panther, making it a collector's item and a conversation starter for any gathering. The high-quality card stock ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.