The Meater Plus

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Take the guesswork out of cooking and achieve restaurant-quality results every time with Meater+, the best wireless meat thermometer that we have used. This innovative smart gadget eliminates overcooked or underdone meats, ensuring perfectly cooked food from grill to table.

Meater+ revolutionizes meat temperature monitoring with:

  • 100% Wireless Cooking: Unlike bulky probe thermometers, Meater+ is completely wireless, offering unparalleled freedom of movement while cooking.
  • Dual Temperature Sensors: Monitor both internal meat temperature and ambient cooking temperature simultaneously for precise cooking control. (SEO Keyword: Wireless Meat Thermometer)
  • Guided Cook System:  Eliminate cooking anxiety with step-by-step instructions delivered straight to your smartphone app. Get real-time estimates, alerts for perfect doneness, and even suggested rest times for juicy results.
  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Plan your entire meal with confidence. Meater+ intelligently estimates your cook time and resting period, ensuring everything comes out perfectly synchronized.

More Than Just a Thermometer, It's a Culinary Companion:

  • Long-Range Bluetooth Connection: Monitor your cook from up to 165ft away using the powerful Bluetooth connection. Relax and socialize without hovering over the grill. (SEO Keyword: Meater+)
  • Durable & Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy up to 24 hours of continuous cooking on a single charge. The stainless steel probe is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
  • App Compatibility: Meater+ seamlessly connects with the free Meater app, available for iOS and Android devices. This user-friendly app provides a wealth of information and cooking guidance.