The Grillmaster

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With The Grillmaster, you'll get all of the tools necessary to become an out-of-this-world grilling master! Real Grillmasters don't just cook, they craft their meals with care - and our amazing set is no exception.

Start off with Sweet Heat 'mild' Bbq Sauce by Steamin Steve's, an ideal balance between savory and sweet that will elevate any barbecue dish. Then try Vivian Howard's Coffee Rub you've never tasted steak and ribs quite like this before! If ribs aren't their thing, there's also a Bear Paws meat shredder which makes light work of pulling some tasty pulled pork or chicken. Finishing things off is a set of heat resistant gloves from BBQ Butler to keep them safe while they grill up some tasty delights. Finally, top it all off with TBJ Maple Bacon Jam – this limited edition flavor adds a subtle sweetness with a smoky bacon finish that takes those backyard burgers to the next level.

The Grillmaster doesn't just give your grill-loving friend the tools they need to impress—it gives them an entirely new way to explore their passion for cooking with fire. Order The Grillmaster today and give the gift of superb summertime BBQ!