The Grill Master's Reserve

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Upgrade his grilling game with The Grill Master's Reserve BBQ box! This curated selection of grilling essentials features everything he needs to become the envy of the neighborhood.

What's in the Box:

  • Meater+ Smart Meat Thermometer: Take the guesswork out of grilling and achieve perfectly cooked results every time with the Meater+ Smart Meat Thermometer. This innovative wireless thermometer uses advanced technology to monitor your food's internal temperature from start to finish, allowing you to relax and enjoy your company while your food cooks to perfection.
  • Bourbon Smoked Chili & Coffee Rub by Bourbon Barrel Foods: Created with Safai’s Guatemala Antigua coffee beans and a blend of bourbon-smoked mild chilies and spices from Bourbon Barrel Foods – this spice rub adds a robust flavor to any dish. 
  • Spiceology's Derek Wolf Signature Series Bourbon Prime Spirit - Infused Blend Rub: Prime rib rubs with innovative flavor notes of mushroom, butter, worcheshire, and even seaweed. Shake some on any protein (but especially steak) and root vegetables or whip up gravies or sauces.
  • Steamin' Steve's Sweet Heat "Mild" BBQ Sauce: This Kansas City-inspired, Tennessee-created masterpiece is a harmonious blend of sweet and heat, perfect for those who enjoy a touch of smokiness without the overwhelming burn. 

Why He'll Love It:

  • Effortless Grilling: The Meater+ eliminates the need for constant checking and temperature juggling. Simply insert the probe into your meat, set your desired doneness on the app, and receive real-time temperature updates on your phone.
  • Perfect Results Every Time: Advanced algorithms take the guesswork out of cooking, ensuring your food reaches the perfect internal temperature for optimal flavor and texture, whether it's a juicy steak, a succulent roast chicken, or flaky fish.
  • Wireless Convenience: Monitor your food's temperature from up to 165 feet away using the convenient app. No more hovering over the grill or running outside to check on your food.
  • Celebrity Chef's Signature Blend: Elevate your grilling game with a rub created by a culinary pro. Derek Wolf's passion for flavor shines through in this expertly crafted blend.
  • Become a Backyard Barbecue Legend: This box equips him with the tools and flavors to create unforgettable barbecue experiences for friends and family. He'll be known as the neighborhood grill master!

This box is perfect for:

  • Grill enthusiasts: Anyone who loves to grill will appreciate the convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind that the Meater+ Smart Meat Thermometer provides. It's a thoughtful gift that will help them achieve restaurant-quality results at home.
  • Foodies: The adventurous flavors of these rubs will tantalize the taste buds of any food lover.

With The Grill Master's Reserve, he's guaranteed to become the star of the next barbecue!