Personalized Bourbon Bar Double Barrel Racking System w/ Two Oak Barrels

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Age your own spirits with a Personalized Stacker® Double-Barrel Stacker Racking Set from the Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.. The only NEW American White Oak Mini Barrels on the market. Our barrels are made from 18 to 24 month old air dried white oak staves and then kiln dried for 3 to 10 days to get a 6% to 8% liquidity in the wood. Our craftsmen fully char both staves and heads to maximize the flavor extraction. A medium char is used (rather than an alligator char) as small barrels will age your spirits quick and you don’t want to over oak your spirits. A chalkboard front head allows you to write in your spirit specifications including the date barreled and any other pertinent information. Alcohol is NOT included!

Barrel Size & Dimensions:

  • 1 Liter 6.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" inches
  • 2 Liter 7.5" x 5" x 5" inches
  • Stacker Rack 17" x 5.5" x 14" inches

System fits both 1 liter or 2 liter size barrels. Select barrel size above.

Kit Includes: Two American White Oak Barrels (charred), Stacker Racking System, bungs, spigots, storing tablets and complete instructions. Enter Personalized text Above.


  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Cure your oak barrel, pour in your favorite spirits, and Age to Taste! Due to the higher surface area of a mini barrel, spirits will age 8x to 10x faster than commercial size barrels, thus giving you a well-aged taste in weeks rather than years. Accelerated aging barrels are used in craft distilleries and breweries throughout the world.
  • CHALKBOARD PERSONALIZATION – Enter your custom text directly on barrel. Wine, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rum, cocktails whatever the spirit enthusiasts enjoys. Our handcrafted barrels can be used for many years and make great décor for the home bar, kitchen, billiard room, video room, home theater, restaurant or in the Man Cave. 
  • AGING SPIRITS – As our barrels are handmade and the thickness of each stave varies, the actual liquid content of the spirits may vary as well. Barrel size, altitude, temperature, wood type and density are all factors in determining the optimal aging time. After 2 weeks start tasting your spirits and Age to Taste! Drink from the barrel or put in a bottle to stop the aging process.
  • BARREL AGED COCKTAILS – Perfect for aging cocktails such as Manhattans, Negroni, Old Fashions, Sazerac, Boulevardier, Mint Julep, Wine, Kombucha or Wine Vinegar. Don’t forget the barrel aged Martini which have been showing up in bars and restaurants nationwide. This DIY craft takes flavor from the charred staves and infuses them into the spirits to procure the superb taste connoisseurs enjoy. After your spirit experimenting is done, dispense wine on the kitchen table or use for decoration.