LE PETIT - Kingwood Cigar Cutter

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Embrace the timeless allure of rosewood with Le Petit Kingwood, a cigar cutter that elevates your smoking ritual to an art form. This exquisite pocket-sized masterpiece blends rich natural beauty with exceptional functionality, making it a treasured companion for every cigar lover.

Natural Elegance Unbound:

  • Genuine kingwood handle boasts a deep, captivating grain, showcasing the unique artistry of nature in every piece.
  • Warm, reddish hues exude a touch of sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to your cigar moments.
  • Hand-polished finish accentuates the wood's natural beauty, highlighting its exceptional craftsmanship.

Performance You Can Rely On:

  • Single-blade guillotine cutter crafted from high-quality 14C28N stainless steel ensures a clean, precise cut every time, preserving the full flavor of your cigar.
  • Effortless one-hand operation makes lighting up a breeze, even on the go.
  • Accommodates cigars up to 58 ring gauge, offering versatility for your diverse preferences.

More Than Just a Cutter:

  • Le Petit Kingwood is a statement piece, reflecting your appreciation for quality, natural beauty, and timeless design.
  • Makes a thoughtful and luxurious gift for the cigar enthusiast who values both functionality and elegance.
  • Also makes a great pocket knife
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty, it's an investment in exceptional performance and lasting value.


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