Are you a monthly subscription box?

No, we are not a monthly subscription box. At A Gentleman's Trove, our focus is to create a more comfortable gift giving experience for men's gifts, and at the moment a subscription service is not a priority.


Do you ship internationally?

We are currently offering domestic (U.S.) shipping only.


How long does shipping take?

Non-personalized orders are fulfilled and shipped out within 24-48 hours of placement. Personalized orders may take 3-5 business


How long does a delivery take?

Standard delivery typically takes around 3-5 business days for non-personalized gifts. We provide expedited 2-day shipping as well. We also offer next day delivery to Atlanta customers.


Can I place a bulk order?

Yes. We offer bulk order for all kinds of group occasions. We can also customize bulk orders, Contact Us with an in-depth description of what you would like, and we will help you process the order and provide a bulk discount.


What's the return policy?

We accept returns for all boxes within 30 days of placement. For boxes, we only accept returns of the entire box; products must be intact and unused. Contact Us, and we will start the return process by sending you the return label. Should you receive an individual product that is broken or defective, please Contact Us immediately, and we will replace the defective item.


What if there's one item in the box that I don't want?

Our boxes come as one package. You can Contact Us if you'd like to place a custom order with personalized items, or if you specifically want certain items from a box. Keep in mind that the fewer items in the box, the closer the overall box price will be to individual retail price.


Can you mix and match items from various boxes?

Yes, you absolutely can! We try to keep a specific theme with our gift sets. But if you are gifting for someone who has many different interests, Contact Us we'll gladly mix and match.


To be honest, I have no idea what to get.

Don't worry, we have a Gift Concierge Service that can assist you every step of the way. We have access to over 20,000 products, and put together the perfect gift for you.