Charged Up 2.0

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Give the caffeine connoisseur in your life the ultimate gift of sophistication and convenience with Charged Up’s exclusive Coffee and Tech Gift Set. This carefully curated treasure trove is the ultimate upgrade for the go-getter who's looking to take on their day in style.

What's in the Box: 

17 oz. Spill-Proof Commuter Cup

Elevate every AM train ride, weekend trail trek, and moving moment with all-new spill-proof Commuter Cup. Designed with a spill-proof 360° Sip Lid, it's perfect for the modern traveler, the city dweller, or anyone who needs a quick sip. Pure Taste ceramic-coated interior, and triple insulated with stainless steel to keep your drink warm and toasty for 5 hours, or ice cold for 18 hours. Fits perfectly in standard cup holders

CATCH:1 Belgian Linen Wireless Charger

The CATCH:1 is stylish, weighted to stay put, and wrapped in designer-quality Belgian Linen and durable ABS coating to effortlessly blend in, wherever it’s placed. This charger works best in locations where space saving is top of mind—we like it on end tables, office desks, and kitchen countertops or islands.

Hand Crushed Espresso Caramels

Like that perfect cup of coffee on a cold morning, these espresso caramels are something special.  Our small batch, hand-made caramel is infused with a shot of Volluto Nespresso, natural vanilla, and then finished with a sprinkling of heirloom Ethiopian coffee beans roasted in Memphis by Vice & Virtue Coffee. 

Charge up anyone in your life (including yourself) with our premium Coffee and Tech Gift Set from Charged Up! The name says it all: indulge in sophistication today!