Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

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Charge your devices with the stylish Alpha65, a mecha robot-inspired charger. This innovative charger boasts advanced GaN technology, delivering lightning-fast charging speeds and superior efficiency for all your devices.

Unleash the Power of GaN:

  • Faster Charging: Experience swift, efficient charging with Alpha65 quick wall charger. It utilizes GaN technology, delivering a powerful 65W output with less heat. 30% smaller and lighter, 5 times faster. This charger swiftly powers up your multiple devices, such as iPhone, Android, laptops, earbuds, or Nintendo Switch thanks to its superior power supply efficiency. Alpha65 is your solution for speedy, effective charging. *Tested Device: iPhone 14: In 30 minutes - Charges to over 50%; In 1 hour - Fully charged.
  • Cooler Performance: GaN technology generates less heat, allowing the Alpha65 to maintain a cooler operating temperature. This translates to improved efficiency and longer product lifespan.
  • Simultaneously Charge 3 Devices at Once: Don't juggle between devices - charge them all at once. Streamline your charging with Alpha65. Equipped with three ports (2 USB-C and 1 USB-A), it supports simultaneous charging for multiple devices. Compatible with over 1000 devices, it enables fast charging for your iPhone, Android, iPad, laptops, earbuds, and Nintendo Switch, simplifying your charging process and saving you precious time.