The Techie 2.0

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The return of one of our original favorites, this is a great gift for the gadget guy in your life.


What's in the Box


KeySmart Pro w/ Tile Location Tracker

Do your keys seem to disappear right when you need to leave? Does your bulky keychain stab your thighs and make you jingle all the way? You need the KeySmart Pro with Tile™ smart location tracking! Tile™ allows you to track your missing keys on a map with the free app on your phone. If your keys are missing around the house, use the app to make your KeySmart Pro play a tune so you can find them faster! Lose your phone? Press the Tile™ button on the KeySmart Pro twice and your phone will ring, even on silent!




  • Locate your lost keys on a map in the Tile™ app

  • Make your missing keys ring to find them faster

  • Use KeySmart Pro to find your missing phone, even on silent - just double-tap the Tile™ button

  • Includes an LED light, bottle opener, and micro-USB cable

  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 45 days

  • Holds up to 10 of your existing keys

  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


Juice Box Portable Charger

A round of golf can end up being an all day event. The 4400mAh Juicebox is a refreshing way to ensure your gadgets never go thirsty. The juice box packaging (straw included) is just one of the many fun features of this powerful external battery pack.



85 Digits of Pi Sock

Who doesn't love Pi? Show off your mathematical prowess with our 85 Digits of Pi socks. Featuring—you guessed it—all of the first 85 digits of the elusive mathematical constant that is Pi, these black socks are sure to be a conversation starter.



Calimari-C™ Connector Cord

Your one-size-fits-all connector cord is ready to do your bidding. Not only does the Calimari™ come with an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip, it includes the new USB-C tip to make connecting to any of your gadgets a breeze. Rest easy knowing you can charge all of your essential electronics without having to carry multiple cords.

  • MFI Certified by Apple
  • iPhone 5/6/7, iPad cord
  • Micro USB cords (Droids, Samsungs, etc.)
  • USB-C cord
  • Standard USB cord
  • Key chain hook