The Speakeasy Host: Old Fashioned Kit

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Carefully crafted from demerara cane sugar and aromatic bitters, this small-batch syrup is designed to help you mix up a classic Old Fashioned. Simply add ½ oz syrup to 2 oz whiskey and stir. Garnish with fresh orange and enjoy.


Set of 2 Whiskey Tumblers

Manifold facets sliced into pure crystal send a thousand prismatic rays of light glittering through our rocks glass into your liquor. What better accompaniment to an evening kicked back fireside over single-malt Scotch?


Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

Larger cubes melt slower, keeping your drink colder, longer. The provided lid blocks out pesky flavors from your freezer, while an internal steel frame makes filling and transporting the tray a breeze.

Makes: Four 2 1/4" cubes
Materials: Silicone, Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free


Bar Spoon

Bringing the art of stirred cocktails back to the basics, our bar spoon is made of stainless steel and is excellent for stirring and layering cocktails.