The One True King

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What's in the Box


House Sigil Alehorn

  • Made from 100% real horn
  • Hand engraved by master engravers
  • Size, shape, and color vary naturally - no two horns will ever be the same
  • Hand wash only


Eight Great Houses of Westeros Half Dragon Coins

A set of golden coins for some of the major houses of Westeros. These Half-Dragons are struck in brass and feature a unique depiction of the character along with their house's sigil. A Half-Dragon is worth 15 Moons or 105 silver Stags. These officially licensed coins make a great Game of Thrones gift. Can be substituted with Faceless Man Coin and Braavosi Iron Square.


Hand of the King Bottle Opener

  • Bottle opener designed for the Game of Thrones enthusiast
  • Oversized and modified emblem of the “Hand of the King”
  • 6 5/8 inches long and 2 ¾ inches wide at the circle
  • Durable gold-colored finish made to last
  • A Welcome Addition to Bar or Man Cave