Maple Old Fashioned Kit (SOLD OUT)

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This is a collection of some of our favorite ingredients for the king of all bourbon cocktails. This kit features bourbon aged maple syrup for the traditional Old Fashioned, and Applewood Smoked for a smoky flavored Old Fashioned. This makes a great gift for clients, coworkers, groomsmen, or simply a fun way to say thank you.

What's in the Box

Two Flavor Bitters Bar Set (Two 1.7 ounce bottles)

This attractive bitters experience was designed specifically for the adventurous home bartender or chef, our Orange and Aromatic bitters will be a welcome addition to your mixology and cooking prowess! These two are travel friendly and a great gift for anyone in your life that has taste...buds that is. (Each set is includes two 1.7 ounce bottles)

Crown Maple® Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup Single Petite 50ML (1.7 FL OZ)

Maple syrup? For cocktails? You better believe it! Once you try this fine crafted Bourbon Barrel aged maple syrup, I guarantee you'll never go back to simple syrup. Described by The Wall Street Journal as “soul-stirring”, the Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged organic maple syrup is estate-produced in NY’s Hudson Valley and showcases distinctive aromas and flavors of maple, bourbon, smoky oak, graham cracker, brown butter & creamy vanilla with exceptional layers of luxurious flavors. 

We take estate-produced maple syrup and age it in barrels to absorb the bourbon from the oak. The barrel features super-premium, 10-year bourbon from Widow Jane, based in Brooklyn NY. This aging process may leave trace amounts of alcohol in the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

Crown Maple® Applewood Smoked Organic Maple Syrup Single Petite 50ML (1.7 FL OZ)

If you are looking to switch things up and add some smoky flavor to your Old Fashioned, this is the perfect syrup for you. The flavors of toffee, brown butter, and toasted pecan notes come to life in Crown Maple Applewood Smoked organic maple syrup as we slowly smoke our Dark Color maple syrup at low temperatures with 100% natural Applewood, creating a medium-body that presents enticing aromas of sweet smoke and warm spice.

Single Sphere Ice Mold

This mold makes one 2-1/2" large ice sphere, perfect for your favorite spirit or cocktail. The innovative design features a sloped internal mold to create a seamless sphere, as well as a flexible two-piece silicone construction for easy release of the ice sphere.