Webster's Dictionary defines "Trove" as a valuable collection of treasures. That is what we aim to provide to men at A Gentleman's Trove. Most people who have had to buy presents for men would acknowledge that it can be kind of challenging to find a great gift for guys, so they end up purchasing the same old, clichéd presents which most men are also understandably sick and tired of receiving. Ties and socks are old, and nothing screams last minute more than a gift card. Our goal is bring you a themed collection of quality products that are relevant to a man's hobby or lifestyle. 

While most other gift basket companies' focus is on making outrageous margins with a bunch of filler items, our focus is on making your gift buying experience as simple as possible, while providing quality, unique gifts that a man would appreciate. Whether you're shopping for Christmas, Father's Day, birthdays, graduations, or groomsmen gifts, A Gentleman's Trove is your premier choice in gifts for the modern man.

If you have any question, requests, or suggestions, please send us an email in our Contact Us section.