How to Make an Old Fashioned

Long regarded as the King of Cocktails, this quintessential and storied cocktail has infinite variations, many inspired by regional ingredients. When mixed properly this drink is delightfully well balanced. There’s a ritual and patience required for this cocktail. Feel free to substitute any aged spirit for the whiskey.

Old Fashioned Recipe By Hella Co

Servings: 1 drink

  • 2 oz rye whiskey
  • 1 large Demerara sugar cube
  • 3 dashes Hella Bitters Aromatic Bitters
  • 2 dashes Hella Bitters Orange Bitters
  • 1 Ice Sphere

  • Add sugar and bitters to rocks glass. Wait up to 30 seconds so bitters can saturate and soften sugar. Muddle well. Add whiskey and stir gently until most of the sugar is dissolved. Add enough ice to stick out above the liquid. We recommend the ice sphere, so you're drink doesn't get watered down. Stir again for 8-10 seconds. For garnish, take a nice thick slice of orange peel and roll it in your fingers skin side down over the drink expelling it’s essential oils. Stick the peel into the glass vertically.

    For the necessary bar tools and ingredients for an Old Fashioned, we recommend our Speakeasy Host box. Stay tuned to our blog for more recipes and tips.