Whiskey Enthusiast: Groomsman Edition


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They've been with you through the good times. They've been with you through the tough times. And no matter how many interrogation tactics they've had to endure, they've kept that bachelor party a top secret. Show them your appreciation with an exception gift. Contact Us for personalization requests


What's in the Box?


The Oak Bottle (355 ml) by OAK BOTTLE

For centuries, wine and whiskey makers have used oak barrels to bring out the best in wine and spirits. The Oak Bottle allows you to do the same in a matter of hours, in the world's most efficient and portable oak barrel. Handcrafted from American white oak and charred on the inside, it's small surface area allows you accelerate the aging process, allowing you to infuse extravagant aromas and flavors of oak to your favorite spirits in under 48 hours. It's sleek design fits well in any home bar, and it's portable size allows you to take it anywhere. Each bottle is good for 50 uses.


Bossa Nova Whiskey Tumbler by RIEDEL NACHTMANN

If you're going to enjoy some great whiskey, it only makes sense that you enjoy it in the finest of glasses. Riedel Nachtmann is the choice glass for many of the high-end restaurants throughout the world. With over 180 years of experience, they have mastered the art of crafting the finest Bavarian crystal glass. The three dimensional woven design gives it a visually stunning appearance when filled with your favorite whiskey.



Ice Sphere Mold by TOVOLO



Because, no one likes watered down whiskey. Maintain the flavor of your drinks with slow melting ice spheres. These dishwasher safe, BPA free ice molds make 2.5" ice spheres tailor-made for a rocks glass. Just add whiskey.



Ultra Leather Coaster by RUSTICO

 Because a true gentleman respects a good tabletop.


Pre-Tied Bow Tie

 Just like icing on the cake, the bow tie is not just for decoration. All boxes come with a real, pre-tied bow tie that is ready to wear.


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